Is Reiki Right For You?

It is not uncommon for some to be suspicious of Reiki, and others to be curious. Reiki may work differently for each Client. At the very least you will enjoy an hour of relaxation. At the very most it can change your life.

Many of my Clients have kindly given permission for me to share their experiences. Collected here are testimonials and kind words from several Clients who have liked what we do at Reiki Rebalance.

"My Reiki experience with Mary from Reiki Rebalance has been very rewarding. She takes her craft seriously with empathy and concern for her Client, a true professional."
C.S. from Chester, MD
"Reiki is not a new modality for me, however, receiving a treatment from Mary was new and wonderful. Mary's abilities, training and professionalism has taken my Reiki experience to an entirely new level. Thank you!"
M.W. from Chester, MD
"I used the Reiki services by Mary Wilson at Reiki Rebalance as a supplement to my physical therapy and MFR massage therapy post knee surgery. Mary worked on my whole being with great professionalism and I feel she did an excellent job in making sure I was comfortable, including my sore knee. Our Reiki session ended with me feeling calm and balanced with the feeling that everything will be OK during my upcoming travels. Thank you Mary; and I look forward to our next session."
L.B. from Grasonville, MD
"I find myself stressed much of the time. After a Reiki treatment I am much more relaxed and energized. I also concentrate better. During the Reiki treatment I can sense what feels like warm energy flowing through my body."
T.S. from Centreville, MD
"I suffer from multiple chronic issues: Lupus, neuropathy, migraines, etc. After getting regular treatments at Reiki Rebalance, I have been able to reduce my pain medication. The Reiki treatments help me feel better overall: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not only has my physical pain been drastically alleviated, I feel less anxiety and fatigue. After a Reiki treatment, I am continually amazed that my pain level is usually reduced to zero when I leave Reiki Rebalance."
S.T. from Stevensville, MD
"Reiki Rebalance has been a wonderful asset to my health and well being. Reiki Rebalance has helped me to focus in my mind and how it effects me. I am calm, energized and more focused."
B.B. from Hedgesville, WV
"Since I have some other medical problems I was concerned. I have to say, it is the best I have felt after the first session in so long. I look forward to the next time."
D.J. from Queenstown, MD
"My son has had significant behavior problems in school. Prior to the beginning of this year, we decided to try Reiki. Mary has managed to make him comfortable with her and with Reiki and he enjoys learning how to do Reiki along with her. Overall his mood has improved. His smile has come back. Reiki is one more tool he can use in order to meet his potential and be happy in his life. I am thankful to have found Mary and Reiki."
C.R. from Stevensville, MD
"Reiki Rebalance has provided a professional and enjoyable experience in a pleasant, quiet, atmosphere. It has eased some of my aches and pains by helping me refocus and relax. I plan on continuing the experience."
E.J. from Queenstown, MD
"Reiki has been amazing for me and my health. It's very calming and helps with pain I have in parts of my body. It's unreal what Reiki can do without even a touch of a hand. This therapy has very high hopes in helping many people with pains they struggle with. I will remain going to these treatments whenever I feel major pain. It wipes it right out of me. Thank you for all your help."
A.M. from Chester, MD
"Arriving with skepticism and uncertainly I left my session with a sense of well being, inner peace and thoroughly relaxed. An incredible experience by Reiki Master Mary Wilson."
M.K. from Queenstown, MD
"Dealing with regular body pain and discomfort, Reiki treatments has allowed my body to totally relax. For days following the Reiki treatment, my overall body feels so much more relaxed which gets me through to my next treatment. Reiki Rebalance, Mary Wilson, has been very accommodating to come to my home to provide me Reiki treatments. These treatments help me to feel better and to be able to deal with my day-to-day discomforts."
C.B. from Chestertown, MD
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